Multiple Initiatives Contracting Establishment was found in 2015 based in Alhasa. Our company has the capability of providing transportation and logistics services, heavy equipment rentals, supplying fuel and water as per to the demand of the clients.

MICE is one of the leading and most respected heavy and light equipment and manpower rental service provider in the eastern region. The company manages a fleet of over 200 Heavy and light industrial equipment.

We offer to our prestigious clients with transportation services including vehicles and workforce such as Flat-bed, Low-bed, Dyna, Buses, Pick-ups and various other transportation services.

We strive to have the best and broadest selection of premium rental equipment available and ready when our customers need it, ensuring it performs as promised and providing unsurpassed customer service at every opportunity.

We provide a better professional service to our clients when they come and joint with us work, they are happy with what we provide to them, our quality of service complements safety procedures to create a strong relationship with our clients. We believe in trust and honesty to enhance human relationships along with serving business objectives.

Experienced and skilled Operators combined with well-maintained types of machinery makes us unique and our quality of services makes our clients statified with what we provide.


We have the ability to manage everything related to the projects, the company is led by an experienced management team, with members and departments working together in sync, linking their strength and leveraging their experience to bring every client the best in project management. For each project, a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals are assigned and equipped o meet specific challenges encountered at each project site.

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